Madras HC enhances compensation awarded in motor accident case

Justice S. Vimala of Madras HC while slamming a motor accident claims tribunal in the state which considered Rs 15,000 as ‘notional income’ of a house wife, awarded Rs 1.62 Lacs as compensation for her death said such a view cannot be tolerated and has enhanced the compensation to Rs 6.76 Lacs. Court observed the Order of the Tribunal as “narrow minded order” in awarding compensation to the next of kin of an accident victim, the Madras High Court.
Court observed that the victim’s daughter must be “missing her mother’s lap”. Further, “the primary responsibility of the homemaker is to ensure that the family is happy, healthy and prosperous. To make the home as heart of the family giving total relaxation and complete freedom and joy to members of the family, is the critical role willingly undertaken and delightfully discharged. As it is voluntary, it is quite often neglected, forgotten and devalued,” Court said.