An overview of the clinical trial system in place in India

Divija G
Student of 3rd year BBA, LL.B,
School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore


There is a rapid growth in clinical trial not just in India but also all over the world. Clinical trial are now being globalized and the need for development and growth, especially scientific and technology related growth, has caused the ethical aspects of trials to take a back seat. The government itself promotes trials in India despite the fact that there is no proper way to regulate the same, poor people are forced to take part in trials as that is the only way that they can afford to get the care required for that particular problem. The worst part however is that Medical professionals themselves induce patients to take part in trials and are given substantial incentives to recruit them. Another instance in which the ethical aspect of a trial was questioned significantly in India is in a case in 2009, wherein the states of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat launched a vaccination project against HPV, some types of which can cause cervical cancer. This trial was conducted without proper consent causing the death of these girls. Another major problem emerges from globalization of clinical trial, as once again the proper measures to regulate them are absent. India is an attractive site for offshoring of clinical trials because of its lack of stringent laws.

Keywords: Clinical Trials, Ethics, Globalization, Guidelines, Research

Preferred Citation

Divija G, An overview of the clinical trial system in place in India, The Lex-Warrier: Online Law Journal (2018) 8, pp. 384 – 394, ISSN (O): 2319-8338

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