Aspects of federalism and emerging challenges before Indian Constitution

Dr. Seema Singh
Assistant Professor, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi


Nature of the Indian Constitution is a debatable issue for a long time. This issue was tried to be resolved through constituent assembly debates, different judgments and Law Commissions reports, but still it kept creating new challenges. This paper deals with the nature of the Indian Constitution and also flows with its journey from cooperative to neo-federalism. The issues which have been evolved in last decades and the challenges which the idea of federalism is facing in the present-day India have been discussed in length and width. This paper is an attempt to see the Indian federalism with a new perspective in the present challenging era of rising number of regional parties and coalition governments in the centre.

Keywords: Federalism, Indian Constitution, Law Commission Reports, Coalition Government, Regional Parties, National Party

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Preferred Citation

Dr. Seema Singh, Aspects of federalism and emerging challenges before Indian Constitution, The Lex-Warrier: Online Law Journal (2022) 01, pp. 1-17, ISSN(O): 2319-8338