Regulation of foreign investment under bilateral and regional investment treaties

Mohammad Belayet Hossain
Lecturer, School of Law,
Chittagong Independent University of Bangladesh


‘Globacolisation’ is a concept that derives from ‘globalisation’ and ‘colonisation’. There was a time when the developed countries colonised the developing and least-developed countries in the world through land but since the independence of these countries during 1940-50s, the developed states invented a new idea to colonise them that is through economy. ‘Globacolisation’ is a newly invented word that reflects the reality of the economic colonisation of the developing and least-developed states in the past, present and future. This article aims to analyse the institution of a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) and regional investment treaties and their contribution to the development of the law of foreign investment. It will also cover: an analysis of the investment protection provisions of the main regional trade and investment treaties; and the recent free trade agreements. The objective is to provide a sophisticated understanding of the standard of treatment of foreign investors under these treaties as opposed to customary international law.

Keywords:  Foreign Investment, Regulation, Bilateral Investment Treaties, Regional Investment Treaties, Customary International Law

Preferred Citation

Mohammad Belayet Hossain, Regulation of foreign investment under bilateral and regional investment treaties, The Lex-Warrier: Online Law Journal (2019) 1, pp. 1 – 25, ISSN (O): 2319-8338